History of the region

Reality originates from the same yarn as dreams

are the words expressed by the most famous inhabitant of Tuszyn, Władysław Stanisław Reymont. On 6th May 1928 the mayor of Tuszyn, Józef Domowicz filled their contents with founding a garden town of Tuszyn Las. Exquisite location of Tuszyn among forests and hills attracted a lot of holidaymakers in XIX and XX centuries. At the beginning of XX century Tuszyn was visited by about 6 thousand persons annually. This gave the then authorities an impulse to establish a new resort town. The prototype of the project was a XIX century idea of a British garden town invented by an architect Ebenezer Howard.

The project of Tuszyn Las was created by an engineer Andrzej Kartasiński. According to the designer’s intention, the main street of Tuszyn Las became 3 Maja Street. In 1930s about 150 recreational allotments were sold there. On those allotments characteristic buildings in Otwock – Ciechocinek villa style were built. The mayor of this town Józef Domowicz made a ceremonial opening of Tuszyn Las. On 6 May 1928 the Town Council made efforts to recognize Tuszyn Las as a health resort the same as Zakopane, Ciechocinek and Otwock. The mentioned above initiative failed to be successful, but it is a proof that in the past the town authorities had high hopes of the tourism development in Tuszyn.

In 83rd anniversary of the garden town foundation we strive to return to the idea that was initiated years ago and enhance the advantages of Tuszyn Las for the contemporary.